• Do you know someone who has fallen behind? Perhaps lost important documents? Don’t have time to get all the information organised? Scared how much tax they will have to pay? Please encourage them to come and see us, it is amazing how simple we can make the whole process and what a weight it is off their shoulders once their affairs are up to date! It doesn’t matter how many years behind they are. We know how to access information and put the pieces of the puzzle together.
  • ATO penalties for late lodgements have increased from $110 to $170 per month up to a maximum of $850. These penalties relate to both late tax returns and also BAS and IAS reports. These failure to lodge on time penalties are not tax deductible and can be a serious consequence for individuals or business’s who fall behind. Remember even if you think you can’t pay a Tax or GST amount, still have the documents lodged on time to avoid the penalties and then organise a suitable payment arrangement with the ATO to pay the debt off over time.
  • Did you know the ATO now accepts payment by credit card for Tax and BAS payments for added convenience (of course charges apply).
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