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Struggling to keep your bookkeeping and payroll under control or finding it difficult to navigate the software? Accounting Edge can help. At Accounting Edge, we also offer support for payroll, bookkeeping and training. As a bookkeeper we can manage all your financial transactions. This service can include preparing payroll, adding new employees, entering transactions into your software, reconciling transactions, and preparing reports that provide helpful information regarding the performance of your business.

We can help you get started on setting up good processes and system and utilising software like Xero or MYOB, so we can access real time information for decision making purposes and planning. Engaging a professional accountant and tax agent ensures trivial things are not missed, reducing the risk of costly business errors.

An accountant can make your life easier, whether you are an individual or a small business, by allowing you focus on what you do best. Think of a good accountant as an investment not a cost, the time and money saved will outweigh the fees and the overall stress of managing your accounts yourself.

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At Accounting Edge, we provide the perfect combination of technical knowledge, genuine business experience and down-to-earth, friendly advice. We also understand that having access to professional advice when you need it is invaluable and can be another stress reliever when an answer is just an email away. We do return phone calls and we do follow up on any outstanding matters.

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