Capital Gains

Capital Gains

How Accounting Edge can help

Capital gains tax (CGT) is the tax you pay on any profit you make selling an asset, including things like property or shares. A capital gain, will increase the tax you need to pay. At Accounting Edge, we can calculate your capital gain and apply any discounts that you are entitled to.

At Accounting Edge, you can be sure that our tax agents are registered and therefore legally allowed to offer tax services. Also, our agents are degree qualified in accounting and are members of CPA Australia or IPA. As both accountants and tax agents, we can prepare and file your tax return, but also advise you on the tax implications of your future decisions. With Accounting Edge, you can be assured that you are with a team legally allowed to manage the tax affairs and tax returns of both individuals and businesses alike.

We are experts in tax and are committed to providing professional and personalised advice and support. Our practice offers a wide range of services to suit your needs.

These services include:

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At Accounting Edge, we provide the perfect combination of technical knowledge, genuine business experience and down-to-earth, friendly advice. We also understand that having access to professional advice when you need it is invaluable and can be another stress reliever when an answer is just an email away. We do return phone calls and we do follow up on any outstanding matters.

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